Basal Thermometer
From the makers of the baby forehead thermometer being raved by mothers, comes this basal thermometer for ovulation designed specifically for aspiring mothers. Dr. Madre makes measuring basal body temperature easy and accurate. This FDA approved bbt fertility tracker determines morning body temperature in just 8 seconds. No more guessing, too early, or too late ovulation prediction. To learn how to use a basal thermometer, follow the instructions provided in the box.
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About Dr. Madre Basal Thermometer
Watch out for that elevated basal body temperature!
Forgot to record the previous day’s reading? Don’t fret because this basal body temperature tracker has a last memory recall feature shown in the big LCD display; this basal digital thermometer even has a peak-temperature sound, and an audio feature in English or Spanish. BBT method can now be efficiently carried out thanks to Dr. Madre best fertility thermometer, a couple’s best friend during their natural pregnancy planning.

Basal thermometer vs Regular thermometer
Technically, an ordinary thermometer can be used to measure basal body temperature. However, a basal temp thermometer is reported to be safer and provides faster, more accurate results. Moreover, it is tested to be more durable. In fact, the Dr. Madre basal fertility thermometer has a waterproof probe part and has five shield covers. Also, since this bbt tracker is digital, then it is 100% mercury free!

Family is top priority
Dr. Madre has a reputation for helping parents with managing their children, hence the Forehead Thermometer and Bedwetting Alarm were released. It cares for all family members, and now the company extends its hands to couples who are planning to conceive using the BBT checking method. The basal thermometer in Celsius and Fahrenheit is the perfect companion in checking basal body temperature. You can never go wrong with Dr. Madre when family comes first! Click that Add to Cart button now!
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