Blood Pressure Monitor
When you hear the words ‘blood pressure monitor’, the first thing you may think of is ‘complicated’. With the new Dr. Madre Blood Pressure Monitor, all you need to do is put it on your upper arm, relax, and push one button. Getting accurate readings has never been this easy, with the oscillography technology and World Health Organization BP Classification indicator, rest assured you will get accurate readings of not just your pulse, but also of your Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressures.
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About Dr. Madre Blood Pressure Monitor
Every Detail You Need In One Glance
Have you just looked at a blood pressure monitor and thought, ‘How in the world should I read this thing?’ Well, with this apparatus’ built-in LCD monitor with 3 color backlight options, you can read the results easily and see the statuses of the unit’s deflation, inflation and battery charge. The memory record number can also be viewed which can be very handy when backtracking your previous readings.

Monitor Your Heart
Health is truly your greatest asset, and one way be on top of it is to regularly monitor your heart activity. With the help of our Blood Pressure Monitor’s medical capabilities, you will know if you are experiencing an abnormal heartbeat with its built-in Irregular Heartbeat Detection (IHD).

No More Manual Tracking
Throw away your Blood Pressure notes and let our machine do the job for you! Dr. Madre BP Monitor has a 90-memory recall capability, therefore you can view your last 90 readings on the monitor. Other plus points are the time and date stamps! Keeping track of your health has never been so hassle-free!

Dual Language Capability
Did I mention that the Dr. Madre Portable Blood Pressure Monitor is a talking device? Yes, that’s right! You can hear the results out loud. It speaks not only in English, but also in Spanish if you prefer! So if you want to make your blood pressure monitoring routine easier, order Dr. Madre’s Blood Pressure Monitor NOW!
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