Bedwetting Alarm
Help your child stop bedwetting and say hello to dry nights. Bed wetting lowers your child’s self-esteem. But, you can now help your child get over this stage with the Dr. Madre’s bedwetting alarm. This bedwetting alarm effectively helps you train your child to wake up at night whenever there’s a need to go to the restroom. It sends a sufficiently audible alarm and vibrates to stop your child from urinating, wake up, and go to the restroom effectively teaching them to understand their body’s needs.
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About Dr. Madre Bedwetting Alarm
Be alerted only when needed. This bedwetting alarm for boys and girls only sends off an alarm the moment the sensor detects sufficient moisture. It doesn’t take more than a drop or two. False alarms are rare. Stopping the alarm is easy, just wipe the sensor interior of the sensor with a q-tip, tissue or dry cloth. Enjoy sleep without worries. This bedwetting alarm helps your child control bedwetting without compromising comfort that affects sleep. The sensor is small enough to work well with no bothersome feeling in the crotch area. It attaches securely to the underwear to detect moisture. The wire goes under the pajamas thus limiting potential entanglements. Forget all the alarms that don’t work. Dr. Madre bedwetting alarm is durable and unlikely to break. It’s made with prime materials to ensure optimum performance and help your child conquer nocturnal enuresis and develop more confidence. You can count on this bedwetting solution to the very end! Rigid productions standards were used to ensure your child’s safety, as well as good and dry night’s sleep. Trying it out is absolutely risk free! It comes with a 30-day trouble free money back guarantee. The product is guaranteed to deliver optimum results! ENJOY good night’s sleep! AVOID wet bedsheets. ADD Dr. Madre Bed Wetting Alarm to your cart NOW!
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